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Quality and ecology are the cornerstone of HOMEROOFING, which  has been active in the roof tile and accessories exportation field since 1985. With many years of experience and with high qualified personnel, we have housed uncountable hotel units, buildings, complexes and homes.Our goal is to continue to launch ecological and with all the certificates products, as we have done so far. The countries to which the company exports are, among others, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, India, Sweden, Norway, Qatar, London, Dubai etc.

As mentioned above, all of company’s products are ecological, with all the certificates and with 50 years warranty. Our capability production is 75 millions roof tiles per year and the method that is used is the dry mill production, which means that the mixture that the roof tile is made of is fine-gained

They are situated very close to Egnatia Highway and to its vertical axes, at the borders of Greece within the broader Balkan region, at only 25 km from the Thessaloniki port.


The ideal combination of the state – of – the – art technology with the high quality of KEBE products creates the necessary conditions so that each and every one of the company’s products is fully harmonized with the regulations and provisions of the Greek and European regulations. Nevertheless, KEBE’ s strength rests in its people. By recruiting its human resources with specialized personnel, both from the scientific and the technical field, the company lays a firm foundation for a successful course.

Naturally, for KEBE technology is as important as the environment; Its respect to the nature that provides the raw materials, its scheduled participation in research programs and the use of alternative energy sources actually demonstrate the company’s concern for an environmentally-conscious building and living.



HOMEROOFING is innovating both in robotics production equipment and advanced control systems, as well as in continuous research to produce products with particular technical and aesthetic characteristics.



High standards and globally certified performance



High environmental ethics, from the origin of the raw material to its use.



Northern Greece Ceramics constitutes the milestone after 80 years of tradition in the ceramic industry and builds and develops three pillars of responsibility: Environmental, Social and Economic.


Our Main Goal


The modern pioneering mechanical equipment, the fully automated production process with modern robotic technology, result in the production of products of high specification. The choice of clay, which is the raw material, is done thoroughly with continuous laboratory tests and analysis.

In 2018, with the completion of a decade from the first day of KEBE’s operation and several decades of experience in the field of ceramics, the next big step in the development KEBE’s strategy was completed! Dry milling significantly reduces the granulometry of the clay and increases its homogeneity. This leads to a final product with excellent technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Mechanical strengths increase, porosity and water permeability minimize, while the smooth surface is ideal to aplly new styles, satisfying even the highest aesthetic expectations! There is continuous monitoring of quality at all stages of production and with emphasis on the final product in order to be fully harmonized with the Greek and European regulations.

The privately-owned crane fleet combined with impeccable product packaging ensure safe and on time delivery. The 2 autonomous brick and roof tile production units have an annual production capacity of 700,000 tons of bricks and 75,000,000 pieces of roof tiles.

Both for the bricks and the roof tiles are identical and include the following stages:

The production process

Extraction and processing of the raw material
The combination of different raw materials extracted in the surrounding areas, gives the material the appropriate mechanical strength and color!
This is achieved by 350 KW presses
More than 700 engines are used to evaporate more than 500 tons of water per day.
This is done in 2 separate kiIns, one for the roof tiles and one for the bricks, each 200 meters long. In the roof tiles, the HTA cassette method is used to fire them one by one.
Quality control
It involves compression strength, dimension tolerance, color application, water impermeability, service life, thermal insulation and sound insulation characteristics.
Packaging and automatic storage
Like everything else, packaging and storage are done through automated processes and robotic systems, thus achieving a safe way of storage and transport. The automatic warehouse of KEBE is ​​70.000m².



Northern Greece Ceramics is based and develops on three pillars of responsibility: Environmental, Social and Economic.

Our principle is that a business should prioritize a healthy work environment that encourages initiative and promotes productivity while ensuring that a positive trading climate for its customers is created. Our care should be extended beyond the human factor, also to the environment. The financial gain, necessary for its sustainability, will come as a result of the above.

Actions leading to business sustainability are based on:

  • Operational follow-up and risk management
  • Recruitment and maintenance of qualified workforce
  • Attraction of investment and other resources needed to improve its competitiveness
  • Maintenance of high profitability of human and other resources
  • Constant renewal and improvement
  • Maintaining its good brand name

All the above is integrated into the day-to-day operation of the business and constitute the primary responsibility of each employee, at every level, on a systematic basis.

Focusing on the business sustainability, KEBE takes responsibility for the consequences of its decisions and actions on people, the environment and the economic development of the local and society in general, and therefore acts transparently. It also follows high business ethics, complies with the legislation, and all these principles characterize every level of its business.

Quality Policy


At Northern Greece Ceramics (KEBE S.A.) we acknowledge the responsibility of the leading role in design, production and marketing of heavy clay building materials. Our goal is to provide top quality, reliable and innovative products and services to our customers, ensuring that their requirements and expectations are fully satisfied.

The first criterion has to do with the environmental impacts arising from the extraction of the material or raw material for its production as well as with the processing of the material. The effects on the environment are multiple, related to the pollution and contamination of the atmosphere, the soil, the subsoil and the aquifer, the quantities of rare or irreplaceable natural resources it absorbs, the quantities of non-digestible, non-recyclable or non- toxic building waste that produces and finally impacts on the natural landscape.